The First Venture Capital Fund in Space

The Flying Object is now the first venture capital fund in space, following the successful launch of the “The Flying Object” satellite, also known as Aurora Sat-1.

The satellite was launched by our portfolio company Aurora Propulsion Technologies, a satellite propulsion manufacturer based in Finland.

“The Flying Object” will demonstrate key technologies for sustainability in space – next-generation proprietary clean and water-based propulsion technology.

Over the next weeks, The Flying Object satellite will deploy to Low Earth Orbit to validate its proprietary next-generation propulsion technologies enabling collision avoidance and de-orbiting. This is a big step in creating a cleaner, more sustainable future in Space.

The Flying Object fund is a sector-focused global fund offering strategic capital to breakthrough solutions across the Technology of Flight, from air and space, unmanned aerial vehicles to satellites, and activities in between, and utilizing a network of experts and industry contacts to build growth and returns with a sustainable focus.

We’re looking for selected highly-strategic investment partners to join our new early stage Technology of Flight fund. Please get in touch if you’re interested in joining us.